Outland Robotics


At Outland Robotics we help companies incorporate electronics, sensors, controls, and software into products and systems that help people work more safely and efficiently.

We engage in concept development, design, product development, implementation, and commercialization of microcontroller-based embedded electronics and intelligent controls technologies.

Our focus is on applications with compelling market-driven needs that can be realized using existing or emerging technologies. This requires broad knowledge of technologies, products, and research and a mastery of electronics, sensors, mechanisms, actuators, and intelligent control software.

Our capabilities include:

  • Electronics
  • Software and firmware
  • Mechanism design
  • User interfaces
  • Motion control
  • Machine learning
  • Image processing
  • Visual perception software
  • Robotic system development
  • Wireless communications
Mobile Robot Design

End applications include:

  • Fabrication, assembly, and material handling
  • Intelligent control systems for automation
  • Mobile robotic systems
  • Intelligent assist devices (cobots)
  • Service automation
  • Smart tools
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Last Updated 2005 November 17