Outland Robotics

About Outland Robotics

We are an engineering design and development company based in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

We are dedicated to helping our customers realize the potential of sensor-based controls and embedded electronics by helping them develop concepts, systems, and products.

PC Board Layout Our focus is on collaboration and joint development to provide innovative electronics and control solutions. Projects may begin with conceptual development of potential implementations, then use our extensive knowledge of current sensor and control technologies to identify the best feasible solutions. Early-stage risk-reduction activities help address critical unknowns. Subsequent product development follows best practices that maximize return on investment.

The Outland Robotics team has a great combination of analytical, practical, and creative talent and expertise in mechanical, electrical, and embedded systems engineering.

Please contact us regarding potential collaborations, ideas, or opportunities.

Our Mission:

To become a world-class provider of mechatronic solutions focused on helping people work more safely and efficiently.


Last Updated 2005 November 17